Frequently asked questions

The FAQ will help you to find right answers for your questions, without having to create a ticket and wait for an answer from the Support service. In this section you can get an information or an answer to your question about our hosting services.




MangoHost is a company, registered in Moldova that provides dedicated server hosting and vps hosting services in own data center in Chisinau, Moldova.
We accept Mastercard / Visa Worldwide, Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Tether USDT (ERC-20, Polygon), Elrond eGold (EGLD), Utrust token (Elrond), USD Coin (Etherium), Dash (DASH). Also we are accepting SWIFT payments in MDL, EUR, USD and SEPA payments in EUR (for invoices larger than $300) with manual processing.
You can choose any method available for each payment/invoice.
Our services and renewed on a monthly basis by default. You may also opt for the following billing cycles with their respective rebates: Quarterly – 3 months (5% discount), Semi-annually – 6 months (10%), Annually – 12 months (20%).
Yes, we can offer refunds. However, we reserve the final decision on all refunds, based on the situation and reason for the cancellation. The rule of thumb is that any delays that prevent you from using your server within the normal delivery time will be credited, or the payment renewal date will be adjusted. Only reported issues on which we have exhausted all attempts at resolution will be refunded in full. It is important to note that refund requests based on information that were included in the Terms of Service or clearly available on our website will always be refused. Please note that we do not offer refund on funds added to the account.
Yes, we can merge or split invoices. Please contact us for this matter and we will do all possible. Please mention, that we cannot merge invoice with single service into two or more different invoices.
All servers are unmanaged and we never access our client’s data without their consent.
Custom plans may be discussed by contacting the sales team.
Yes, we help our clients to migrate server (data from it) from other data center and its completely free of cost.
Hardware is completely ours own property. We will maintain hardware of server. In the case of hardware failure our monitoring system will send a alert to support team and they will replace failed component it if it is redundant without downtime.
Generally the abuse department will send you a warning before we suspending IP address/server. In some cases like DDOS attack, spamming etc, the server has to be taken down immediately. Of course a complete investigation of the abuse complaint is done and in case it is found to be invalid due to a lack of information or incorrect information, it is rejected.
Usually we setup dedicated server within 24 hours. For custom setups, it can take more time. VPS can be ready in 15 minutes.
Each dedicated server is secured with basic DDoS protection. BTW, We do not provide an off-the-shelf DDoS protection service, but we have an ongoing partnership with Voxility who runs a globally distributed DDoS attacks mitigation service.
You can cancel the server lease via ticket no more than 7 days before paid period. In accordance with the service policy, the server will be deleted and data can be destroyed after 7 days of dedicated server and/or VPS suspension.
MangoHost can announce your IPv4 block. In order to have your IPv4 block announced, we require the following set of documents:
  • Letter of Authorization from IP address owner
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Scanned copy of National ID from IP address owner
MangoHost may ask for a personal meeting with one of customer's executives prior to providing the service.
You can order additional IP-addresses for each of your dedicated server via ticket.

Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers



A dedicated server is a physical server dedicated to a single client. This means that as the owner you have full and exclusive access to your server’s resources i.e. CPU, RAM, bandwidth and storage. These days, dedicated servers are often highly customisable to allow the owner to choose a server which fully suits their commercial and technical needs, as well as their price point. Many dedicated server providers advertise managed server solutions for a fixed monthly rate, giving customers the option of purchasing either a ready-made server preconfigured to a popular specification, or a custom-built server to fulfil their specific requirements.
We provide Supermicro servers, both for VPS / Dedicated.
We can install HestiaCP, ISPCOnfig, Ajenti or any other free control panel. We do not offer cPanel or DirectAdmin at the moment.
Each dedicated server has 30TB (30000GB) of data traffic included in minimum monthly price. When ordering, you can choose more options, such as 100TB, 300TB or unlimited. For VPS you can choose the amount from 1TB to 32TB.
Unlimited traffic is an option. You can choose it, when you placing an order. Please consider, that theoretically on 1GE port you can consume around 600TB of data traffic monthly max.
You can connect to your Linux server using SSH, and connect to your Windows server using Remote Desktop (RDP). You can also use your Supermicro server's integrated management platform called BMC (IPMI). Login credentials are available on the page of your server in the "Services" section of the User Panel.
Supermicro IPMI is a standard used for providing remote web based access to the server. This access can include power / restart functionality, kvm console functionality and a statistics about the motherboard (temperatures, voltages). You can access BIOS, Boot menu, mount ISO for rescue mode or reinstall Operating System.
When placing order, you can choose Operating System. Also, you can provide us a link to ISO or install Operating System by yourserf using Supermicro IPMI.
You can boot from your ISO and install an Operating System (OS) of your choice by using your Supermicro server's integrated management platform – IPMI.
Where a dedicated server is physical hardware, a vps server is a kernel-virtualised server using KVM technology. VPS servers typically sit within a virtual environment where compute and storage resources are shared with other tenants. Compared to dedicated servers, VPS servers can be quicker to deploy, easier to upgrade and have higher availability. They can be incredibly flexible and scalable with the ability to add capacity for additional resources at a moment’s notice. VPS servers are also usually charged on a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing model, whereas dedicated servers are usually on a fixed monthly rate.
Dedicated servers offer guaranteed performance and reliability at fixed monthly costs. This makes them one of the most cost-efficient hosting options for SMEs and for certain heavy workloads, such as SQL databases, web applications. More advantages of dedicated servers include:
  • Total control over server configuration, from OS and software optimisation right through to root-level and admin access
  • Not having to worry about your performance suffering due to a noisy neighbour in a shared environment
  • High performance, even when handling intensive workloads, due to dedicated compute
  • Ability to configure an array of dedicated servers for high availability or performance
The main disadvantage with a single dedicated server is that component upgrades such as CPU and RAM require the machine to be turned off to maintain hardware replacement. If you are only running a single server this would mean your service would have to go offline for some time. If downtime is not an option for your business, then you may have to explore some of the high availability options available to dedicated servers such as a multi-server configuration. Most of our dedicated servers have hot-swap drives, so we do not require downtime to upgrade storage.