Blog from Hoster about Hosting 🙂

Hello! I am the article writer from Chisinau, Moldova and i am a big fan of a hosting infrastructure.

I will to thank the administration of the MangoHost for entrusting me with this blog. In fact, I really like to study and remind everything related to server administration, and not only. I am also a big fan of Supermicro hardware, which i use for a long time, having no issues (almost ;)).

I will try to write clear manuals on how and what to do to make something work.  JUST DO IT! 🙂 Not all of us are born with IT knowledge, but I hope that our articles will be useful to not very experienced (and maybe experienced) Linux and Windows administrators. Good luck!

This blog is not for commercial purposes and reflects only the opinion of the author (that’s me) 🙂