Renting an Anonymous VPS provides a virtualized server environment with an emphasis on privacy. You can utilize cryptocurrencies for payments, as well as VISA/Mastercard. This service is ideal for those prioritizing anonymity and privacy, offering dedicated resources, high performance, and security, while minimizing digital footprints.

Intel Xeon Broadwell
1 Core @ 3.6Ghz
30 GB NVMe SSD 1 TB @ 1000Mbit/s Up to 10 ipv4 1856
Intel Xeon Broadwell
2 Cores @ 3.6Ghz
30 GB NVMe SSD 3 TB @ 1000Mbit/s Up to 10 ipv4 2873
Intel Xeon Broadwell
4 Cores @ 3.6Ghz
60 GB NVMe SSD 6 TB @ 1000Mbit/s Up to 10 ipv4 4801
$ 32.00
Intel Xeon Broadwell
6 Cores @ 3.6Ghz
120 GB NVMe SSD 9 TB @ 1000Mbit/s Up to 10 ipv4 9372
$ 51.00
Building your Anonymous VPS in the cloud provides a high level of privacy and control. You can deploy and manage your server without disclosing personal information with options to pay via crypto. This service offers dedicated resources, high performance, and strong security, all while maintaining your anonymity and reducing your digital footprint.

Based on Intel Xeon E5 dedicated Broadwell series cores up to 3.6Ghz
1 core(s)

Guaranteed amount of DDR4 ECC memory, frequency 2400 Mhz
1 GB

Very fast Samsung drives on PCI-E lane (NVMe SSD)
30 GB

Choose needed amount of dedicated IP adresses
1 pcs

Choose needed amount of data traffic
100 TB

Operating system

Control Panel

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our anonymous vps customer reviews
Mark ITSec Inc
I use KVM VPS for my PBX. Uptime for my VPS is 607 days, i had no issues with latency and uptime. I used Contabo VPS, yes this was cheaper, but they oversell resources (that often do cheap hosting providers). So, Quality 10+, price 10.
Dmitry Webmaster
I started working with this company and I have only pleasant impressions. Technical support responds in less than 15 minutes, help solve the issue quickly and without delay. I am very grateful for such an approach to cooperation. Thank you for the reliable and efficient service.
CrazyMann Webmaster from Chisinau
I switched to MangoHost a week ago. The sites are working faster now. Used UltraVPS, Average page load time was 5 seconds, after switching to new server page load time reduced to 1.5-2 seconds. Same server at Mango is cheaper and faster - that's great!. Support answers quickly. No problem at all with the test period, many thanks for that! I recommend it.
Edik SEO
I found this hosting on searchengines, configs on their site are deprecated, support gave me a fresh config specifications for a good price. I didnt contact support yet because there is IPMI and the server is working without interruption. Previously I ordered a server from German hoster, even for reinstalling the system they were charging me 10 euros! One night the server crashed and I was asked to pay 50 euros for remote hands in the morning. Even though the server cost 49 euros per month!
SemSam Kispy LLC
Just ordered server Support service was online and I got answers in few mins. Also i like that mangohost accepts Bitcoin.
Miroslav System Administrator
Ordered a server from, guys helped me transfer projects from my previous server to their. It took them a couple of days to get here and they are fine. They were fast and free, no down time at all So far so good!

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  • MangoHost
    4 CPU @ 2 GB RAM @ 30GB SSD NVMe @ 1Gbit network
    $ 15.00 / month
  • Vultr
    Vultr VPS plan
    $ 31.00 / month
  • Linode
    Linode VPS plan
    $ 29.00 / month
  • Digital Ocean
    DigitalOcean VPS plan
    $ 22.00 / month
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In the digital age, online privacy has become a paramount concern for businesses and individuals alike. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers an efficient solution to those who seek greater control over their online operations. But what if one wishes to maintain complete anonymity while utilizing a VPS? Enter the private, anonymous VPS servers. These are becoming increasingly popular, offering the robustness of a VPS combined with the peace of mind that comes with complete online anonymity. Let’s delve deeper into this subject.

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a virtual machine offered as a service by an Internet hosting provider. It runs its own copy of an operating system, and users have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, enabling them to install almost any software that runs on the OS. Because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility, VPSs are a preferred choice for small and medium-sized businesses and individual developers who need more control than shared hosting can offer.

What Makes a VPS Private and Anonymous?

An anonymous VPS is designed to keep the user’s identity and information private. Typically, most VPS providers require personal details, including your name, address, phone number, and payment details, which might be a concern if you're trying to keep your online presence low-key. With an anonymous VPS, your personal information isn't required or collected, making it an attractive option for those keen on privacy.

Payment is typically done using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other privacy-focused digital currencies like Monero, making it nearly impossible to trace the user. Further, the servers of anonymous VPS providers usually don't keep logs, meaning they don't record any information about the user's activities, which adds an additional layer of privacy.

Why Use a Private, Anonymous VPS?

Private, anonymous VPS servers are used for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include:

Data Security: In an era of increasing data breaches, anonymous VPS can protect sensitive data by not collecting it in the first place.

Internet Freedom: In countries with stringent internet restrictions, an anonymous VPS allows users to bypass local restrictions and maintain online freedom.

Whistleblowing: Whistleblowers and journalists often use anonymous VPSs to ensure their safety while reporting on sensitive topics.

Privacy-Conscious Users: Simply put, some individuals prefer to keep their online activities entirely private. An anonymous VPS allows this without compromising on the functionality of a typical VPS.

Choosing a Private, Anonymous VPS

Not all VPS providers are created equal, and the same goes for providers of private, anonymous VPSs. When choosing a provider, consider factors such as price, server location, technical support, and the level of anonymity provided. Research each provider thoroughly and check out user reviews to ensure they deliver on their promises of privacy.

Furthermore, even though the VPS provider may not collect or store your information, remember that you might still be traceable by other means, such as by your IP address or the data transmitted from your server. Use additional privacy measures like VPNs and Tor, along with secure, encrypted connections to ensure maximum privacy.

While a private, anonymous VPS might not be necessary for everyone, it does serve a valuable purpose for those concerned about maintaining their online privacy. As data privacy becomes more paramount in the years to come, the demand for services that respect and protect user anonymity is likely to grow. As with any technology, remember to use private, anonymous VPS responsibly and always adhere to local and international laws when online.


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