Cloud (VPS) or Dedicated server for 1C:Enterprise platform and/or 1C Products for accountants is a powerful Supermicro-branded server installed inside the rack in our secured data center. It is provided to organize access for a large number of concurrent users, under heavy loads, increased requirements for data security. The service will be useful for companies with a large number of employees working with 1C, who requires stable speed, guaranteed service availability, high uptime and fast support.

An extra layer of security

The Virtual Cloud infrastructure (also called VPS) itself is quite reliable in terms of data security. However, the cloud server creates an impenetrable dome of security for applications and accounting data. VPS hosting includes several levels of security. These include data encryption for secure data transfer, multi-factor authentication for secure access to the cloud, and intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) to detect malicious data traffic. However, in a cloud environment, a large number of users host their applications, data and share a large pool of resources offered by the cloud. While cloud providers take every precaution to maintain anonymity, any breach of security in one application due to negligence can compromise other applications as well. With a cloud server, accountants get a server with their own set of resources, which is not affected by third-party applications hosted in the same cloud infrastructure.

Optimal performance

When someone talks about performance, it doesn't just mean that the app they're working on opens quickly or doesn't freeze. Performance is also measured by the number of applications you can run on the server at the same time. It can also indicate the speed at which data is synced across multiple applications. In the case where accounting professionals are still using hardware, that is in End-of-Life (EOL) state (ex. old hardware), they can still acquire good performance. This is generally works, if you use high-end line CPUs. Due to the flexible nature of the cloud, the processing power of the server can be changed according to the requirements of the user. If you think you need more processing power at a given point in time, it can be changed asap to keep performance at optimal levels. Hence, there is no chance that your accounting process is lagging, even during hard day.

Easy setup

You can use your cloud server as your personal server located in a remote location. With a private remote server, there are many options for customization. As we know, the accounting process requires stable connection and some application are working in tandem to perform certain tasks and process data. You get free setup, as well as basic support from our specialists, so you don't need a private system admimistrator only for administration of your remote server. Cloud server hosting allows you to choose the operating system, storage, and applications of your choice. Because you have dedicated resources, the limits are capped by our operating node hardware, but you won't pass these limits in most cases. So do not worry 😀.

Why you need the Dedicated server for 1C for rent?

Renting a dedicated server for 1C products is necessary when, in addition to the need for organizing remote work in 1C, there is a need for:
  • guaranteed performance of dedicated hardware
  • a separate isolated server to use all its resources, regardless of the load of other tenant companies (as in the case of a simple 1C lease)
  • increasing the speed of work in 1C which is direct productivity
  • quick addition of components from our own warehouse
  • installation of any additional software
  • 99.99% availability guaranteed
  • dedicated network and isolated CPU, SSD, RAM resources
Benefits of renting a 1C server in the cloud (VPS):
  • guaranteed performance of allocated resources
  • a separate isolated KVM virtualised server to use all its granted resources
  • increasing the speed of work in 1C which is direct productivity
  • fast resources downgrade or upgrade
  • optimal organization of remote work of employees
  • data protection and backup
  • IT budget savings on the purchase and support of server hardware and 1C server administration and monitoring.
  • Green environment

More frequency, fewer cores

The performance of 1C server is highly dependent on the CPU's frequency, while the number of cores (threads) has minimal effect on performance or gains only for large amount of concurrent connected operators. Our server configurations for 1C can be equipped with CPUs with a frequency more than 3.4Ghz in turbo-mode to provide better performance on non-optimized software code in specific applications.
our vps customer reviews
Anna B. Glavbuh SRL
I like to use dedi server for 1c. I am accountant, but i am very dynamic 😺 So i am not in office all my working day. With remote server i can be everywhere, all i need is internet connection.
Marianna 1c
I am very happy, because i used a 1c server from my office - it was a big, dusty, loud and old machine with lags. Now i get fast and stable solution to work with my companies as an accountant! 5 stars +++++
Aliona SRL SRL
😼 Great service. Very stable server with RDP. The electricity for my old server from the office is almost same costs as a server rental. I think this is reliable and secure.