What Happended with FossHost Owner Thomas Markey?

What Happended with FossHost Owner Thomas Markey?

Fosshost was a non-profit organisation that provided cloud hosting services to the free and open source software community.

The Fosshost free project hosting provider announced the cessation of its operations due to the absence of a leader in december 2022. The company’s head, Thomas Markie, has been unresponsive for over six months following his arrest by the British police for raping woman he met via app. Fosshost employees have warned users that serious financial and technical problems have arisen for Fosshost due to this situation.

Fosshost staff explained that only Markie had full access to the equipment in the data center, and he had all the billing information for server hosting payments.

Fosshost can no longer guarantee the continued functionality of the project’s IT infrastructure and has warned of the imminent shutdown of servers due to the inability to pay for their continued hosting and support.

Fosshost employees have urgently recommended that developers and users create backup copies of their projects and migrate their environments to other platforms that provide free virtual servers for open projects, such as Radix.

According to publicly available information, many projects used FossHost, including GNOME, KDE, GNU Guix, Xiph.Org, Rocky Linux, Debian, OpenIndiana, Armbian, BlackArch, Qubes, FreeCAD, IP Fire, ActivityPub (W3), Manjaro, Whonix, QEMU, Xfce, Xubuntu, Ubuntu DDE, Ubuntu Unity, and others.

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