Choosing DMCA ignored Hosting Provider

Choosing DMCA ignored Hosting Provider

First step – Choose Hosting provider

The choice of hosting offshore is often determined not only by their current technical level, but also by their history (brand). Some hosting companies have been operating since the days when the number of domains on the Internet numbered in the hundreds and thousands. Hence – a wealth of experience and user confidence in the fact that sites on the servers of these companies will always be available to customers. Offshore providers are of greater interest to large businesses, which in time can go beyond one region and extend their services to several countries or even continents.

If you decided to open your own representative office in the network, you need to choose a hosting company. It is one of the primary tasks that you will need to solve first. By ordering one or another hosting service, you get a disk space on the web server where all the files and databases of your website will be stored, and it will be available to users from all around the world at any time of the day or night.

Compliance with the DMCA is mandatory for all hosters in the US, and often causes them a lot of headaches, because in reality, requests can arrive in the hundreds every day, and all of them must be satisfied, even the most absurd ones. However, the service provider is released from liability for the content of the pirated file or link itself, its task is only to ensure the removal of the content by takedown notice and report the fact of the request to the author.

The most common hosting services in Moldova – virtual hosting, virtual private server (VPS) (also called VDS – virtual dedicated server), dedicated server and own server hosting in a data center (colocation). Each of these services has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, but the choice of the best option depends on your specific needs. First step is virtual hosting, power of VPS will be enough for the owners of small sites, but for large companies, dedicated server is more suitable, and here’s why.

VPS (VDS Hosting)

VPS is a hosting that combines the capabilities of a physical server, but at an affordable price. With the help of native Linux virtualization technology KVM, a physical server is divided into several virtual ones, which receive their own certain amount of resources and will work independently over each other. With VPS, you will have root access, i.e. administrator (root) rights. You will be able to add and remove files as you wish, install programs or remove those that you think you do not need. In general, a virtual machine will give you more freedom and security over shared hosting. It should also be remembered that with VPS, administration falls on the shoulders of the client, so before ordering this service, think about who will take care of this business (maybe you have a linux guy friend).

Also, when ordering a server from MangoHost, you can clarify that you need a server with a free control panel. Now there are many replacements of cPanel (for example, HestiaCP) – with the control panel you can create users, add sites and databases directly through the web interface, which is quite convenient. And most importantly, it’s free!

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a top-service. The resources and capabilities of the server will be controlled only by you, and you will administer it accordingly. No partitions of the environment, full control over everything, security, high uptime and dedicated internet speed – all these are the best features of a dedicated server. This hosting option is great for projects with high traffic or special hardware requirements.

DMCA ignored

However, some non-US hosting companies require their customers to react to such complaints, and sometimes even suspending the service when they receive a repeated complaint. This behavior can be risky for clients, because anyone can submit a complaint and paralyze the client’s work. Servers from MangoHost are suitable for those who often receive complaints from the US about DMCA violations. International legislation allows clients of the hosting provider MangoHost to host websites in Moldova without fear of sudden outages.

Additional conclusions

Want to mention, that small hosters in Eastern Europe is better choice than major hostings from Europe and the USA. This is due to the fact that in a small company technical support for customers is faster and more interested to resolve the issue faster, uses less outdated equipment. Also, smaller providers are less likely to receive a smaller number of DDOS attacks, which contribute to the downtime of all servers in the data center, thereby lowering the uptime of each server individually.
Renting servers from MangoHost is a guarantee of high uptime.

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