VPS or Dedicated Server for ZennoPoster (ZennoBox)

VPS or Dedicated Server for ZennoPoster (ZennoBox)

It is a good idea to automate the routine. If earlier all tasks were solved locally on a computer, now with the software it is possible to increasingly encounter the routine on the Internet. And so webmasters needed a tool that can automate any tasks that are recurring.

ZennoPoster is a software for Windows OS that emulates the work of a real person with websites, forums, search engines, social networks, etc.


  • You just need to click “Record” and perform actions on the site. The program will create the script itself;
  • All your actions will be displayed in the form of a simple and understandable flowchart;
  • Built-in browser based on Mozilla Firefox;
  • Completely Russian / English language interface and Russian / English speaking technical support.


  • It will be difficult for beginners to immediately understand how to work with the software;
  • If you don’t like working with Mozilla, you’ll have to be patient;
  • Only the Windows platform is supported.

To use ZennoPoster, you need a Windows VPS or a Windows dedicated server. It all depends on the budget and the planned load. If you are not sure what equipment you need, you can order a VPS from 2 cores, from 4GB of RAM, from 50 GB of disk space. This virtual server should be enough for most ZennoPoster Pro templates.
If you need a more powerful server, a Dedicated server with a high core clock speed will do the work faster.

Some examples

  • Intel Xeon E3 1240v2 / 4 GB RAM / 1000 GB HDD / 30 TB @ 1Gbit /—– $46.99 Order
  • Intel Xeon E5 2637v2 / 16 GB RAM / 1000 GB HDD 30 TB @ 1Gbit /—– $64.99 Order
  • Intel Xeon E5 2667v2 / 32 GB RAM / 1000 GB HDD / 30 TB @ 1Gbit /—– $76.99 Order
  • Intel Xeon E5 1650v2 / 32 GB RAM / 1000 GB HDD / 30 TB @ 1Gbit /—–$73.99 Order

All available VPS here,
Dedicated Servers – here.

All servers comes with 1000Mbit port, which is more than ZennoPoster Pro / ZennoBox requires. When you make order, you can use the SSD instead of HDD. Overall system performance will be improved over using HDD (these are mechanical drivers, they are way slower).

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