MangoHost Now Accepts Google Pay!

MangoHost Now Accepts Google Pay!

We are thrilled to announce that we accepting Google Pay as a payment method! This exciting addition aims to make your payment experience smoother, faster, and more secure. Here’s why you should consider using Google Pay for your next transaction with our hosting services.

Why Google Pay is a Game-Changer

Google Pay brings a modern, convenient way to manage your payments. It’s not just about speed and ease of use; it’s about enhancing your overall security and flexibility. Let’s dive into the benefits that make Google Pay a superior choice over traditional credit card payments.

The Benefits of Google Pay

  1. Pay with Cash: Google Pay allows you to link your account to various funding sources, including your bank account. This means you can effectively pay with cash, making it easier to manage your finances without relying on credit.
  2. Use Gift Cards: Got a gift card you want to use? Google Pay lets you add and use gift cards for transactions, giving you more flexibility in how you spend your money.
  3. Regularly Replaceable Debit Cards: For those who prefer to replace their debit cards regularly for added security, Google Pay supports this seamlessly. You can add your new card quickly and continue making payments without any interruptions.
  4. Virtual or Single-Use Credit Cards: Protect your privacy by using virtual or single-use credit cards through Google Pay. Services like or Revolution allow you to create disposable card numbers for online transactions, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Google Pay offers robust security features that make it a safer option compared to traditional credit cards:

  • Tokenization: Google Pay uses tokenization, which means your actual card number is never shared with merchants. Instead, a virtual account number is used, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Biometric Authentication: Use your fingerprint or face recognition to authorize payments, ensuring that only you can approve transactions.
  • Transaction Alerts: Stay informed with instant transaction alerts, allowing you to monitor your account activity in real-time.

Simplified Checkout Process

With Google Pay, you can breeze through the checkout process. No more fumbling for your wallet or entering card details manually. Just a few taps on your device, and you’re done! This speed and convenience mean less time spent on payments and more time focused on what matters.

Expanded Payment Options

Now, with Google Pay, you can manage all your MangoHost payments effortlessly:

  • Pay for New Orders: Order new VPS, dedicated servers, and additional services with ease using Google Pay.
  • Extend Existing Services: Keep your current services active by extending your subscriptions with just a few taps.
  • Pay for Existing Orders: Handle all your existing invoices and pending payments seamlessly through Google Pay.


We are always looking for ways to improve your experience. Enabling Google Pay is just one of the many steps we’re taking to offer you more flexible and secure payment options. Try Google Pay for your next payment with us and enjoy all these incredible benefits!

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