Guide to Aria2 Package in Linux

Guide to Aria2 Package in Linux

Aria2 is an open-source, lightweight, and multi-protocol command-line download utility. It supports downloading files from HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink protocols. Aria2 is known for its high download speed, low memory usage, and ability to download files in parallel.


To install Aria2 on your Linux system, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Update the package lists by running the command: sudo apt update
  3. Install Aria2 by running the command: sudo apt install aria2

Basic Usage

Once Aria2 is installed, you can start using it to download files. Here are some basic commands:

  • To download a file, use the command: aria2c [URL]
  • To specify the output filename, use the -o option: aria2c -o [filename] [URL]
  • To download multiple files, provide multiple URLs: aria2c [URL1] [URL2] [URL3]
  • To limit the download speed, use the --max-download-limit option: aria2c --max-download-limit=[speed] [URL]
  • To download a file to a specific directory, use the -d option: aria2c -d [directory] [URL]

Advanced Usage

Aria2 provides many advanced features and options. Here are some examples:

  • To download files from a BitTorrent magnet link, use the command: aria2c [magnet link]
  • To specify the number of parallel downloads, use the -x option: aria2c -x [number] [URL]
  • To limit the number of connections per server, use the --max-connection-per-server option: aria2c --max-connection-per-server=[number] [URL]
  • To download a file using multiple connections, use the -s option: aria2c -s [number] [URL]
  • To download a file using multiple connections per server, use the --split option: aria2c --split=[number] [URL]

Similar Commands

There are other command-line download utilities available in Linux. Some of them are:

  • wget: A popular non-interactive command-line downloader
  • curl: A versatile command-line tool for transferring data
  • axel: A lightweight download accelerator

Benefits of Aria2

Aria2 offers several advantages over similar packages:

  • High download speed: Aria2 utilizes parallel connections to maximize download speed
  • Low memory usage: Aria2 is designed to be memory-efficient
  • Multi-protocol support: Aria2 can handle various download protocols
  • Lightweight: Aria2 has a small footprint and minimal dependencies


You can automate your downloads using scripts. Here’s an example of a simple Bash script to download files using Aria2:



aria2c -o "$OUTPUT" "$URL"

Save the script to a file (e.g.,, make it executable using the command chmod +x, and run it with ./


Aria2 is a powerful command-line download utility for Linux. It offers fast and efficient downloads from various protocols, with options to control speed, connections, and output locations. Its lightweight nature and multi-protocol support make it a popular choice among Linux users.

Useful Data

Here’s a table summarizing some useful data about Aria2:

Package Name Aria2
License GPLv2+
Latest Version 1.35.0
Supported Protocols HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Metalink
Dependencies None

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