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Bulk Dedicated Server Renting: Cheaper Than Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud

Bulk Dedicated Server Renting: Cheaper Than Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud

When it comes to hosting solutions, Amazon EC2 Dedicated and Google Cloud are widely recognized giants in the industry. However, for businesses seeking cost-effective hosting options, dedicated server renting is emerging as a more affordable alternative. In this article, we’ll explore why bulk dedicated server renting can be cheaper from smaller hosting companies than opting for dedicated services from Amazon and Google Cloud.

Why Cheaper

Bulk Dedicated Servers Offer Economy of Scale: One primary reason bulk dedicated server renting is more cost-effective is the concept of economy of scale. Companies that specialize in providing dedicated servers can purchase hardware in large quantities, leading to lower hardware costs per unit. This cost advantage is often passed on to customers, making bulk dedicated server renting more affordable.

Lower Overhead and Operating Costs: Dedicated server providers typically operate with leaner structures than cloud giants like Amazon EC2 Dedicated and Google Cloud. They don’t have the same level of overhead or operating costs, such as maintaining massive data centers and extensive global networks. These cost savings are reflected in their pricing, making dedicated server rental a budget-friendly option.

No Hidden Fees

Transparent Pricing: Dedicated server providers are known for their fixed monthly pricing structures. They offer straightforward pricing plans without hidden fees or unexpected charges. In contrast, cloud providers like Amazon EC2 Dedicated and Google Cloud may bill customers for various usage metrics, including data transfer, storage, and API calls, which can add up significantly. You could buy a car, instead you buy the car for Amazon or Google 🙂

Predictable Billing: With dedicated server rental, businesses can enjoy predictable monthly bills, making budgeting and financial planning more manageable. The price is fixed, so there are no surprise costs, allowing businesses to allocate their resources effectively.

Good Marketing from Amazon

Amazon’s Attractive Features: Amazon Web Services has a strong marketing presence, and they offer a range of powerful features and services that can be tempting for businesses. However, these advanced features may come at a premium price. While Amazon EC2 Dedicated has its merits, it’s essential for businesses to weigh the value of these features against the potential cost implications.

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario for an SEO company that needs remote desktop servers on a Windows dedicated server and finds that ordering more servers is more cost-effective than using Amazon EC2 Dedicated or Google Cloud Hosting.

Scenario: SEO Company Optimizing Costs with Dedicated Windows Servers

Background: ABC SEO Solutions is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO). Their team of SEO experts and content creators work collaboratively on various client projects, and they rely heavily on remote desktop servers for their work.

Challenges: As their client base expanded, ABC SEO Solutions faced several challenges:

  1. Performance: The SEO tools, like ZennoPoster, GSA SER, Zebroid and other software they used demanded substantial computing power and memory, leading to occasional slowdowns on their existing infrastructure (usually on home PC with no UPS).
  2. Data Security: Handling sensitive client data and SEO strategies meant that data security was a top priority.
  3. Cost Control: While Amazon EC2 Dedicated and Google Cloud were popular choices for cloud hosting, the costs were starting to become prohibitive as their server needs grew.

Solution: Bulk Dedicated Windows Servers

To address their challenges, ABC SEO Solutions decided to explore bulk dedicated Windows servers. Here’s how they benefited:

1. Enhanced Performance:

  • ABC opted for dedicated Windows servers with higher processing power, ample RAM, and SSD storage, ensuring that their SEO tools and applications ran smoothly without interruptions. This improved productivity and reduced downtime.

2. Robust Security:

  • Dedicated servers provided a high level of data security. ABC implemented robust security measures, including firewalls and encryption, to protect their clients’ sensitive information. They had full control over server security configurations, enhancing their peace of mind.

3. Cost Savings:

  • ABCrealized that purchasing bulk dedicated Windows servers from a reputable hosting provider was significantly more cost-effective than using Amazon EC2 Dedicated or Google Cloud for their requirements. Lets say a company has 50 employers, so they need around 50 dedicated servers with these specs: Intel Xeon E5 2680v4 / 64 GB RAM / 480 GGB SSD. If they contact us, we ask $99.99 monthly for one dedicated server.
  • Here’s a cost comparison:
Hosting Service Cost per Month (Estimated)
Amazon or Google Cloud $24,000 (for similar resources)
MangoHost Dedicated Servers $4999,50 (substantially lower)

4. Scalability:

  • As their client base continued to grow, ABC could easily scale their dedicated server infrastructure by ordering more servers as needed. This flexibility allowed them to manage their costs efficiently.

How Much Could You Save:

  1. Case 1 – Monthly Savings: ABC SEO Solutions, by choosing bulk dedicated servers, reduced their monthly hosting costs by approximately 480,05% compared to Amazon EC2 Dedicated or Google Cloud.
  2. Case 2 – Yearly Savings: Over the course of a year, the cost difference becomes even more significant. They were able to save approximately $228,006 annually👋, which they reinvested into expanding their services and hiring additional staff.

Conclusion: For ABC SEO Solutions, switching to bulk dedicated Windows servers was a strategic decision that allowed them to meet their performance and security needs while significantly reducing their hosting expenses. By carefully assessing their requirements and exploring cost-effective alternatives, they were able to optimize their resources and provide high-quality SEO services to their clients.

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